Perry & Associates, LLC

Perry & Associates, LLC is a structural and architectural engineering firm providing a wide variety of design and technical consulting services. Headquartered in Chicago, the firm practices throughout the U.S. on projects of varying size and scope. 

We take pride in providing personal attention to defined services. We believe that by effectively listening to client goals we can create a set of services to benefit each project. We actively strive to be responsive, proactive, and work with a team focus to solve problems, maintain schedules, and provide excellent structural design. 

Our firm is nimble enough to provide the personal attention necessary to perform quality design and consulting, yet large enough to provide outstanding service on every project. In-house and external training assists our staff in understanding the marketplace impact of our services. Our belief is that by understanding the entire design process we can anticipate and address challenges for the benefit of our clients.

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Mr. Perry has over 25 years of experience in structural engineering. As Principal, his primary responsibilities at the firm are design and technical direction of projects, project management, and coordination with the clients and project stakeholders. Mr. Perry has designed and managed a wide variety of architectural, civil, and structural design projects throughout the country, including high rises, public facilities, industrial complexes, residential and institutional buildings. He is also trained and licensed to perform exterior scaffolding assessments of multi-story buildings. When he is not at work, Chris enjoys spending time with his family and participating in his sky-high aviation hobby.


Ms. Lau has over 15 years of experience in structural engineering. Her skills are constantly utilized on a wide range of projects running the gamut from tall antennas to deep foundations, and her affinity for creative problem solving proves valuable time and time again. As a licensed structural engineer, Ms. Lau has great technical experience, but it is her tenacity and grit that pushes her to overcome even the most challenging projects. Her attention to detail combined with overall project vision has made her an integral part of Perry & Associates leadership. In her free time, Lai enjoys traveling to see friends and family all across the globe.